Monday, 11 July 2011

Do You Ever Wonder About Why People?

Do you ever wonder about what that person you like really thinks about you? Believe me, we've all been there, the endless dwelling and the theories, the hypothetical situations in your head, driving you utterly insane, you don't want to ask them in fear of embarrassing yourself, so you leave it to idle speculation and hope they come to you, well in my experience no one comes to me much anyway, which brings me to another do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder why the people you love are ignoring you? Or the people who say they love you, they might not love you, I certainly know a few people who claim to love me, yet are quick to allow me to disappear into the background forgotten, as they chat with their friends. On the internet people are also ignored, they get the message, why not reply? Sure there are genuine reasons, but sometimes they don't reply even when they themselves sent you it, they'll say in a hypothetical Facebook situation "We don't ignore you we write on your statuses everyday". Therein lies the problem, they may comment on your statuses, but that's not the same as having a one on one chat is it? In fact in my experience a lot of people have only gone on my statuses to scrutinize something I say, be it a joke, or something else, they never really come to chat with me for talking's sake, I have to go them, which then brings us to the final do you ever wonder paragraph.

Do you ever wonder why you're told by people to wait, yet then other people to go for it. Yes this is one thing that really annoys me. It's one thing to go grab life by the collar and make it as you wish, it's another to be told thats wrong and you're living too fast or you're too desperate. Yet then they say just wait things will come to you in time, yes but time is not on your side say some people, you can't just expect things to be given to you on a plate they say. So which one is best? None of them, because humans in their infinite wisdom love to spout the most paradoxical things on life it has now become harder than ever to have a partner, to get that dream job etcetera because you are given advice which on the most part is bollocks.

So my words of wisdom is, don't listen to them people. Live life as you wish, find someone who is willing to go to you, so you don't annoy people by going to them 100% of the time, try to occupy yourself with something to get your mind off anything. As they say things often turn out alright.